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Seers has a team of CRM Consultants, most with around 10 years of CRM experience, that can help you in your CRM implementation journey.

Our team is one of the most experienced team of consultants that can be found in Eastern Europe. Our experience dates back to 2005 and since then we have implemented CRM projects in Romania and around Europe and the Middle East. Our consultants are specialized on different areas of a project, thus allowing you to benefit from a maximum expertise on each role through the project that you run.



Seers' Project Managers have led dozens of successful CRM projects in both small and large companies and manage the requirements and constraints in each project with full responsibility and respect for the client. They are the people that drive the success of each implementation and are driven by eagerness of getting things done.



Seers' CRM Analysis is mainly focused in delivering the business analysis job up to the functional design, but can configure the product to a certain extent as well. Our CRM knowledge is mixed with a customer-oriented approach, thus providing great added-value in their work.


Seers' CRM Architects have both CRM business knowledge and  configuration knowledge and have successfully completed several projects in different roles. These people are leading people in their area of activity and have phenomenal experience and expertise. They are decision makers and are fully trusted by the rest of the team and customers alike.


Seers'  CRM Configurators are programming professionals that have put a CRM coat for some years now. They are genuine engineers, full stop. But what is special about them is that they know all the tips and tricks and how stuff works behind the scenes. Thus, regardless the challenge, these people get things done.