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Seers believes that the purpose of any company is to bring something back to both its shareholders and the community. Seers sponsors different events while Seers' team members are participating in volunteering activities.



Seers team actively participates in planting trees activities around Romania. As a special activity we have ordered and planted a Sequoia Gigantea (still small now but large in hundreds of years). Our motto is the old greek proverb: "Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in"



We believe that being money-oriented only has negative effects on the company and its members, therefore we strongly believe in volunteer work. We therefore provide free-of-charge quality implementation services for any NGO that is implementing Salesforce. Along with the free licences from Salesforce, we help NGO's manage their activity better with basically no actual costs.


We strongly believe that higher education cannot be great unless it comes from the real world of business. That is why we have partnerships with universities around Romania organising together free courses with real life examples and practices to help students understand what they should expect when getting hired.


Every now and then, Seers team members try to bring a little happiness to the not-so-lucky children of this country. We believe that every child in this world has no merit or guilt in being where he/she is. Therefore we strongly believe that giving them a reason to smile and be happy is not only a responsibility but the most human and natural action of them all.