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Seers CRM provides a complete set of services related to the implementation and support of a CRM.



A CRM is an important IT solution in any company, knowing when and what to implement is the major question when it comes to CRM. Seers can help companies identify the business need and set up a strategic plan suitable for the company. It can also provide pin-pointed advice on any CRM related subject.


During and mostly after a CRM project is implemented, the maintenance and support is a task as complex as the implementation project itself. Seers' support team has the ability of identifying the issue, find the root cause and deliver a solution in the shortest amount of time, looking for the greatest possible customer satisfaction in the support process.


Implementing a CRM project is a complex process for any company, regardless its size and industry. It is essential that the implementation team has the correct IT knowledge and is focused on the CRM . Seers can take on this assignment and provide complete solutions for any customer in any industry. 


Setting a CRM team for an  CRM implementation or after one is essential for the internal support and maintenance of the CRM solution in the company. Seers provides fine-tuned training on CRM on the following areas: General Programming & Design Patterns, CRM Functional,  CRM Configuration,  CRM Administration, Cloud CRM