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Our team is specialized in top CRM solutions for small to medium companies and large enterprises, both on-premise and on cloud. We believe that better than a CRM solution is a CRM solution fitted for your needs.



That is usually a difficult question to answer. There are, in fact, dozens of CRM applications that are there on the market: to either install it yourself or ready to be used in cloud (just google it). . Some are poor in features unreliable or unstable, but some of them are doing the job reasonably well. Some companies decide to do it in house, by developing from scratch. The latter we are just not recommending in any manner, because you would just be reinventing the wheel... it can be done and it may even do the job, but it will never work as well as a mature CRM system. So, which should you choose?

We actually have an answer for that: choose the best. There is very little debate on which is the best (see links below): Oracle Siebel (for large/on-premise solutions) and Salesforce (for small&medium/cloud solutions). If you are a large enterprise and are looking on-premise solution, choose Siebel. If you are a company looking for a cloud solution (regardless of how big or small you are), choose Salesforce. Why choose the best? Because, besides the great number of features that these have, besides the trust provided by the brand, there is a enormous know-how in them. So you not only you get the software itself, but you get over 15 years of continuous improvement and innovation.  We have no doubt that once you get it, you will see how much you can learn and improve your business just by using it. Our 2 cents.


I am not rich enough to by cheap things
— Common Proverb

There is a lot of wisdom in the above (worldwide used) proverb. It actually applies to choosing the CRM software as well. We are not saying that Siebel and Salesforce are the most expensive, we are saying that these are not the cheap products on the market. In fact, you can actually get a very good quote when deciding to buy Siebel or Salesforce, so at the end of the day you might end up buying these products at the same price or cheaper than "cheap" products. However, regardless of how much you are paying the value for money is excellent. Scout's honor*.

*by scout, we mean someone who is doing CRMs for quite a while now and has seen a great number of so-called CRM solutions 


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