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The answer to this question lies in the business process  your company has and services that your company provides. There are many reasons to have a CRM, but below are some thoughts on why you would consider one:

- I simply needs to know my customers: what they do, what they like, how is my relationship with them, etc. I don't need just a database of customers, but a in-depth view of who my customers really are and what is their experience with my company.

- I need to enhance my sales process: standardize the sales process, know what may sales reps do, know how I am doing and where do I stand from a sales perspective, etc. I need to provide myself and my sales team a tool for all these, so that they can efficiently do their job anytime, on any device.

- I need to enhance my service process: standardize the service process, provide exceptional service in the shortest amount of time and with minimum effort. Whether it is my main business or a post-sales support, the quality of this service will eventually lead to retention. I need to have a tool that has all these service best practices and allows me to use them from day one.

- I need to do marketing: whether it is email, calls or on social media channels, I need to be able to manage and reach a great number of customers and prospects in both standard and innovative ways. I need to have a tool to does just that.

- I need to have most processes that my employees do in one application. It needs to be fast, intuitive and reliable. It should support me in everything that I do so that I can concentrate on how to do business, not where.


  • "A CRM is probably one of the most valuable systems that any small business can implement" (Forbes)


  • "Put Customers at the heart of your business" (Salesforce)


  • "It gives you the time to develop other areas of your business, whilst giving you the reassurance that you’re not letting your existing clients down or responding to new inquiries in an efficient manner." (EConsultancy)